Fly Girls Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

100 Hour Certification Program open to 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructors who have also gained certification in the 100 Hour Alexa Flows Aerial Teacher Training Program

One weekend per month, January – April 2020 plus additional program hours

Program Dates

  • January, 2020 (Friday evening, all day Sat & Sun)
  • February, 2020 (Friday evening, all day Sat & Sun)
  • March, 2020 (Friday evening, all day Sat & Sun)
  • April, 2020 (Sat & Sun only)


The majority of our meetings will be held at the home of our first Fly Girls classes! – At Body Design By Joy in Gilford, NH.

Body Design by Joy
25 Sawmill Road
Gilford, NH 03249

Some of our Training days will also be held at Christina’s aerial studio at Lakes Region Dance in Meredith, NH.

Lakes Region Dance
8 Maple Street
Meredith, NH 03253

What is Fly Girls?

Courage to FLY! In a nutshell, Fly Girls is an aerial yoga leadership class for girls ages 5 – 13+. No experience required to participate. Fly Girls are often timid when they begin but find the courage to SOAR within this program. Some have zero interest in sports or dance (although some do) and find their outlet and voice through aerial practice. During a very delicate transition in life these girls find the inner strength and sense of value to face new levels of experience in a safe and highly creative environment. Students are taught to mentor one another, to release the inclination to gossip and turn against one another and replace that with the confidence to support, bond and create community.


As they learn aerial postures, the students work together each Fly Girls session to decide on a theme, pick songs they love, develop sequences, create stage backdrops and work toward a final performance for friends and family to attend. The final performance includes full group participation as well as solos, duets…whatever they decide! EVERY performance is magically different! Throughout the Fly Girls semester there are expected frustrations, tears, reflection, discussions as well as celebrations, epiphanies and expressions of liberation and joy, all on a conscious level BECAUSE THESE CHILDREN ARE SMARTER THAN WE ARE. They get it, and they just need the positive mirrors of their own wisdom to put wind in their sails.

Interested in becoming a Fly Girls Instructor?

Become a part of an organization of instructors with outreach to our youth through this valuable leadership program. It takes a special person, perhaps with a secret desire to PLAY and CREATE, to hold space for our Fly Girls. Prerequisites for becoming an Aerial Fly Girls Instructor are the following:

    • 200 Hour Yoga Teach Training Certification
    • Alexa Flows 100 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification

After many years, Fly Girls is finally becoming trademarked and developed into a more expansive youth program. Graduates of the Fly Girls Aerial Yoga Teacher Training will be part of a network of instructors in different regions who will contribute to organizational support, meetings, supervision, collaboration and more. In addition to the regular training hours, part of the Fly Girls Aerial YTT hours include observing on-going Fly Girls youth classes, witnessing the process and also the Fly Girls Mentors in action.

What are Fly Girls Mentors?

Fly Girls Mentors are students 11 years and older who have participated in two or more years of Fly Girls classes and who have integrated the core principles of the Fly Girls Youth Leadership Program. These girls generally express the desire to go further, much like campers who then continue on to become camp counselors, and demonstrate the ability to mentor and encourage their peers. The Mentor Aerial Training for youth runs throughout the school year and includes one meeting per week throughout 2020 – 2021 for girls who are ready to step into the next level of leadership. January – April these students will be interning in regular Fly Girls classes, assisting and teaching their peers with Certified Fly Girls (Adult) Instructor supervision. Peers learn best through peers, and these girls ROCK non-judgement and encouragement. This program is outside the box, FUN, at times chaotic, always intuitive, uplifting and heart centering. And the girls themselves run the show.

About the Abhyasa Yoga Institute

The Abhyasa Yoga Institute, a Registered Yoga School with the National Yoga Alliance, is dedicated to the cultivation of self-mastery through 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certifications, Aerial yoga teacher Training, Fly Girls Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Abhyasa Yoga Study certification programs, Intuitive Healing Therapy Training, Reiki Training, Mat & Aerial Classes, Workshops and more. The AYI also offers continuing education credits for registered yoga instructors.

The Abhyasa Yoga Institute is founded on the understanding that consistent practice both on and off the mat produces transformation, while the observance of non-attachment helps to sustain the continuum of the life-long spiritual journey.

Abhyasa: Having an attitude of persistent effort to attain and maintain a state of stable tranquility. To practice. According to the Yoga Sutras, abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (non-attachment) are the two core principles upon which the entire system of Yoga rests. Through the deliberate integration of these two essential understandings self-mastery and self-realization can be obtained.