Intuitive Yoga Training Sessions with Christina Alexa


The body holds the keys to emotional healing. Using the body as the portal to wellness we explore through asana where blocks in the body, emotional body or mind reside. Though deliberate practice, attention to form and breath combined with intuitive reading and sometimes energy healing, we cultivate understanding, validation, acceptance and compassion throughout the process of release. Evolve through practice into a deeper relationship with personal freedom. Students who sign up for multiple sessions receive personalized home practice suggestions which might include specific yoga postures, breath work, affirmations, mantra, meditation and more.

Whether you are looking to achieve deeper levels of asana in the body, liberation from old mental patterns, emotional freedom, a sense of connection or all of the above, these sessions are fully customized to YOU.

Sessions by Appointment. For repeat clients there is an option to lock in a regular weekly appointment time. Please email Christina at to book, or text at 603-707-1612.

BOOK one session, or commit to six or twelve sessions for sustained practice and results.


Purchase Single Session: $65

Purchase 6 Sessions: $349

Purchase 12 Sessions: $659