Energy Healing with Christina Alexa

Private Healing Sessions and Energy Readings are available by phone, ZOOM and also by special appointment at The Healing Room, located at 954 Whittier Highway, Moultonborough (in the “Melcher & Prescott” Building). Our Healing Room suite is very private and nurturing, accessed through the back of the building at the lower parking lot. Phone sessions are also available. Please email Christina at to request a session time. Individual sessions as well as discounted bundles of sessions can be purchased online, below.

Energy Readings

Unique One Hour Sessions for Personal Empowerment and Healing
The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” or “disc”. Chakras refer to the divine, energetic circuitry of the body; each chakra is a powerful energy center created at the intersections of many energy pathways in the body. While our energy bodies are rich with hundreds of chakras, there are seven main ones that correspond to various principles and elements that characterize our energetic make-up.

Each Intuitive Energy Reading presents a subtle “snapshot” of the nature of who you are and what you are experiencing at this moment in time, allowing us to identify areas of growth, stagnation, excess, depletion, blockages, energy attachments, intuitive guidance, guides and more. Within an Intuitive Energy Reading the meaning of each chakra is explored and explained as personally applicable to you. While each session begins with a complete reading and it may also include clearing work, energy healing, discussion and processing, journeying, or other forms of intuitively guided healing as dictated by your needs for highest healing alignment. Very little is required from the participant but the intention to relax, to remain present and to be open to the degree that you are comfortable being open. All boundaries are respected and each session is held as sacred and confidential.

Purchase Introductory Energy Reading: $50

Purchase 1 hour Energy Reading: $85

Purchase 4-pack Energy Reading: $290

Intuitive Healing

An Intuitive Healing Modality that meets You where You Are
Intuitive Healing Therapy is a deep healing modality, focused on identifying and releasing inner obstacles and patterns that no longer serve us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In Intuitive Healing Therapy we address the whole person in an environment of safety, strict confidentiality, acceptance and compassion. Sessions are tailored to where you are in the moment and to what is in your highest healing interest, and may include listening and mirroring, intuitive reading, energy reading, energy healing, resonant sound healing and more. These sessions are designed to follow an Energy Reading session in the case of further desire to deepen personal growth and development and are especially helpful as assist when moving through a life shift.

Purchase 1 hour Intuitive Healing: $85

Purchase 4-pack Intuitive Healing: $290

Phone Sessions

Energy Readings & Intuitive Healing Therapy Sessions by phone
Phone sessions for Energy Readings and Intuitive Healing Therapy are available in one hour increments. Because this work is very energetically based phone sessions are a highly productive and convenient vehicle when physical sessions are not possible. Christina holds regular phone sessions with clients in the New England area, across the Eastern Seaboard and the US.

Purchase 1 hour Phone Session: $85

Purchase 4-pack Phone Session: $290

Follow Up

Do not hesitate to contact Christina after an Energy Reading or Intuitive Healing Session by email for follow up insights, questions or concerns. All emails are answered with gratitude. It is wonderful to hear about your progress and process and to answer any additional questions that come through post-session.