Rediscover rhythm. This program is designed for both serious yoga students and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training graduates who are preparing for the 300 Hour AYI YTT program. Serious yoga students do not have to be involved in a Yoga Teacher Training program to participate in RHYTHM. While the Rhythm program begins in November 2020, Rhythm will continue throughout 2021 into 2022 for more than a one year cycle of re-calibration.

Reclaim authority of self, connect with community and the earth for sustaining integration of leadership and stewardship of healing.



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Rhythm Schedule

Rhythm begins as early as November 1, 2020 or when it fits YOUR rhythm. This program follows the phases of the moon; if you plan to join the program later than the full moon of 10/31/2020 please contact Christina at christinaalexa1@gmail.com for recommended start date. The Abhyasa Yoga Institute 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program begins February 19 – 21, 2020. However as mentioned above, students do not have to be yoga instructors to join RHYTHM. A real desire to engage intimately with self growth and development is the fundamental prerequisite for this offering.

Please read more below for insight into the guidance behind RHYTHM, and also watch the video on this page.

Elements of Rhythm

  • Practice: Daily personal yoga, pranayama and meditation practice, including live virtual classes specific to the Rhythm program. Classes that can not be attended live will be available as recorded video.
  • Sacred Circle: (Virtual) Monthly, conscious and connected sacred circle work following and building upon the teachings of energetic dynamics from the 200 Hour YTT. Most importantly this is a time to share, let go, receive mirrors, love and self-care.
  • Yoga Sutra Study: (virtual) Monthly in-depth (exciting!) exploration of the Yoga Sutras through community discussion and contemplation.
  • Moon Cycles: Flow with the phases of the moon through intentional observances of manifestation and letting go. Special attention to dreaming.
  • Optional Monthly Sacred Living Lodge and/or Fire Ceremony: Supported monthly independent and group sweat lodges & fire ceremonies year-round, including supervised build of personal Sacred Living Lodge on your property (or alternate location) and training in private / individual sweat lodge work. This is excellent preparation for the 300 Hour YTT Vision Quest which will be held in summer 2021.

Energy Exchange

Rhythm Program: $69 for Month One, $39 per month thereafter

  • Students who are enrolled in the 300 Hour YTT program that begins in February 2021 can apply 100% of their monthly Rhythm payments toward the 300 Hour YTT tuition balance upon the start of the Training.
  • Flexible monthly payment plans for the 300 Hour YTT program are available on auto-pay, $500 deposit required. Note 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training tuition is offered at a special rate of $3,150 in light of our Covid economy. Pay in full prior to January 1, 2021 at a discounted tuition of $2,900.00.
  • Visit the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program page for more information about this Training and to fill out an application and register for the program.

Click Here to Register for Your Month One of Rhythm

Please note after your Month One of Rhythm energy exchange is made, you will receive a special email (prior to month two) with a link for your $39 monthly auto-payment, which can be cancelled at any time.

We are out of rhythm with ourselves. That means we are out of rhythm with the earth. Our misunderstanding of right relationship to personal power and innate unification with the forces of nature, disrupts our relationship with healthy tribe, with trust.

What is Rhythm? Rhythm is an opportunity…to unify with self, community and to reestablish our link with the earth. To develop the strength, flexibility and most importantly the sense of connection that is built through personal responsibility – through the recognition that we are, all of us, creators. We create our own reality and it affects the very fabric of our world.

How do we reestablish rhythm? We come together with a common purpose to exercise accountability to self with the support of community. Community is stronger than willpower. We build a container that is unwavering in its value as a sacred and safe space, one that allows us to rest when we need to rest in the knowing that we are always okay, just as we are. And we have the will to become strong from the inside out, for ourselves, our families, our tribe.

We practice. We study. We meet in sacred circle and we share. We spend time on the earth, in the mountains, in the sacred living lodge on the altar of the earth mother. We spend time cultivating ceremony for the very life that we embody. We find our rhythm again.

For those who are evolving into the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program with the Abhyasa Yoga Institute that begins in February of 2021, this time establishing rhythm in community is preparation. It is a way to get ready. We have a big year ahead of us, and we are going to be fit on the level of the soul. Soul fit.

Are you ready to commit to daily yoga and meditation practice? To dive deeper in to the study of yoga, to reconnect and heal in sacred circle? Are you ready to walk on the earth in remembrance, to engage in ceremony with the sacred fire, to pray upon the altar of the earth mother in the sacred living lodge? To calibrate observances with the ebb and flow of the moon, to honor the ebb and flows of your own energy without compromise?

Rhythm begins just after the full moon of October 31, with a morning practice and Sacred Circle on Sunday 11/1. However students are welcome to join when they feel called. You might begin in November or even December. To learn more about this program email Christina at christinaalexa1@gmail.com and visit the Rhythm Schedule page.