SUP Meditation on Berry Pond

Join Christina for a purifying Stand Up (or kneeling) Paddle (kayak’s welcome) and meditation on Berry Pond in Moultonborough, NH. Journey to another world in the back flowage, past the beaver lodges, where the magic of nature comes close. Enjoy a short meditation on the board and draw from the healing quality of water and sky. Water is a conduit for energy, for nurturing release and depth, a compassionate place to leave your cares behind. Please note Christina may call on and pray to the four directions during this meditation, as well as invite you to connect with each direction in your own way, quietly, forming intention for letting go and receiving.

Christina chooses times for these journeys when the water is calm and typically mirror-like or close to it – early morning or later in the day toward dusk. Both times of day are beautiful for paddling and present their own enchantment. Watch the class schedule for pop-up opportunities as classes are weather dependent and are scheduled with little notice. If you are not on our email list click HERE to receive regular schedule updates.

What to Bring:

  • BYOB: Bring your own board and life jacket. (Life jackets are mandatory to bring but can be strapped to the board.)
  • Bug spray (necessary on the pond)
  • Sunscreen if needed
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel

Parking / Launch Area / Route:

Students are welcome to park in the lower parking lot at 205 Skyline Drive for this class (first driveway on the right on Skyline, between the house and outdoor hanger). If accessing the pond at other times outside of this class time please park along Skyline Drive itself (on the side of the road) or in the second, open seaplane drive to the pond, so as not to leave cars in the way of potential airplane taxiing at the house.

We will launch our boards in the first seaplane drive that is gated. It is a short walk across the street from the parking area.

From launch, paddling directly to the back flowage area is approximately one mile round trip. If we decide to extend the paddle we can journey around the pond first before heading into the flowage.

Students should be able to swim in case of falling into the water. Ankle leashes are recommended if you have them. Prior to the paddle students will be asked to sign liability waiver for Alexa Flows, LLC.