How to access Video on Demand

Alexa Flows offers Video on Demand through our Wellness Living software. This means that even if you miss a Live Stream Yoga Class because it doesn’t fit your personal schedule, you can always login later in the day and catch the class when it works for you. Accessing these classes is easy. To check it out follow the instructions below!


  1. Visit and in the main menu click on “Account Login”.
  2. From here, either log in to your account or establish a new account if you do not currently have one with Alexa Flows.
  3. Once you have logged in to your account, click on “Watch Video” in the main header menu.
  4. Choose from any one of the video categories (Chakra Yoga, Dharma II Yoga, All Levels Yoga, Pranayama etc.), choose the video you want to watch and hit the play button.
  5. Side note: MAKE SURE your email address is correct in your account if you plan on ever attending Live Stream classes with Christina. Without an email address you will not receive the ZOOM link to attend class.


Video on Demand not yet available through the Alexa Flows custom branded app
At this time the Video on Demand feature does not seem to be available through the Alexa Flows custom app, however you can visit the website (see above) even on your smartphone and follow the instructions. Please feel free to contact Christina at with questions.


Connect your device to a smart TV and watch full screen!
Any smart TV will integrate with your devices to allow you to practice along more easily.


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Thank you for practicing together! Watch the Class Schedule for new upcoming virtual and in-person class opportunities as well as Video on demand options. Make sure to create an account with us by clicking on the “Account Login” in the main menu to receive email updates profiling upcoming classes, workshops, trainings and more! OR simply be added to our email database HERE